Time to bring back responsible journalism

I am old enough to know and appreciate a free and responsible press. We have not had that in a long time. Hundreds of newspaper editorial boards across the country made it clear that they do not see any problem with the way they are currently reporting. Their readers know better.

Critical thinkers know that “fake news” has nothing to do with stories that people “don’t like.” It has to do with reporting as “news,” information which is either wrong, excessively biased, one-sided and/or simply unverified rumors and opinions that happen to fit the editorial bias. This is a national problem which has been serious for over 20 years and continues to get worse. Failure to admit the problem means it will not be fixed.

I am happy to hear that The Maui News has decided to make improvements. My direct recent experience with The Maui News indicates significant journalism problems. In one case my letter to the editor had its title changed by The Maui News, significantly changing my point. No explanation was given.

In another case, a Maui News story about property taxes was inaccurate in several areas, significant facts were omitted, and the wording was clearly deceptive and biased. When I contacted the reporter with the material facts and offered to help the reporter prepare a clarification article, the author was not interested in a clarification or correction.

Please do a much better job striving to be sure that news stories are accurate, balanced and fair.

Mike Gronemeyer