Trump’s motive specifically focused on his investments

Responding to President Donald Trump’s Twitter rant denouncing the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates in order to slow inflation, may I suggest Trump’s motive is not to create a thriving economy for all Americans, but it is focused specifically on his investments.

High inflation with weak wage increases cannot create an enduring economy. Yet for Trump, a real estate owner/investor, the steeper the inflation the steeper the increase in his value, something he wants and desperately needs.

A billionaire? Trump could have one billion dollars’ worth of assets, but also more than a billion in debt, perhaps to Russian lenders. Until Trump shows his tax returns, this debt burden is a fairly good assumption. His assets are almost impossible to value until they are sold.

Yet Trump touts his billionaire status. His followers follow, his critics ask for facts with none forthcoming.

To spend our country into a trillion-dollar deficit annually tacked onto the national debt; to throw money at his highest bidders and most devout voters; to destroy environmental protections, including preservation of endangered species, including our Earth’s atmosphere and ocean; to retract consumer protection from banks and for-profit colleges preying upon students for ridiculous tuitions loaned from the federal government; it is all remarkably shortsighted, and eventually dangerous.

It reminds me of an era not so long ago, the Bush/Cheney hide-the-debt fund-the-wars over-finance-homes until the economy crumbles. Then pass the blame on to liberals. Damn liberals. It’s got to be all their fault.

Kelli Lundgren