Who are candidates with most funds indebted too?

Do you notice how the politicians who shamelessly take donations from developers, agrochemical companies, A&B, are always the ones that show the most money in their campaign spending report? Think Victorino, Baker, Sugimura, Yamashita. This can appear like that candidate has more support. But ask yourselves, what influence does that support buy?

Take for example our mayor’s race. Mr. “Put Signs Everywhere Victorino” has the most campaign funds, but who is he now indebted to? For one, A&B, who are negligent landowners with fire-prone fields that the county firefighters just saved from burning out of control. Why are we paying for this? Would Victorino have the political will to make his donor accountable?

Recently A&B reorganized their business while keeping control of the water and are officially now a real estate company. What is the plan, Mike? All those people who donated to you: Realtors, hotels and banks. Are you continuing unfettered development and desecration? Think sand mining. Iwi kupuna.

Candidate Elle Cochran has a record on the council of promoting protection of the iwi kupuna through the moratorium, the ocean and streams with the Styrofoam and oxybenzone wins. She wants to give the aina a chance to provide jobs, food, housing for local families. She knows managing tourism is protection for the reefs, the streams, the native forests and foods.

Elle is our advocate. She will usher in a new era for this special place. People know this. Our next mayor was voted most popular politician. Vote Elle.

Sierra Knight



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