Why S. Maui should elect Don Couch to the state House

South Maui gets one seat in the 51-member state House of Representatives. If that person does not perform, then the community suffers. Roads don’t get improved, schools don’t get funded, and your ability to affect state law is diminished. In short, this position is a big deal for the future of the South Maui community.

That is why experience matters. That is why the candidate’s record of public service matters (see doncouch.com). That is why you need to look beyond social media and special interest groups and consider for yourself which candidate you would really want working for your community, working for you in that important position.

Don Couch is the only candidate in this race who has actually worked in the state Legislature. He is the only candidate running for this seat who actually knows how the Legislature works and has worked with its key players. That’s important because when it comes to funding schools, to improving public safety, to making sure no new, unnecessary tax burdens are placed on you, you will need a representative you can count on.

If you were hiring an attorney, would you pick someone fresh out of law school, still wet behind the ears, or a seasoned veteran who knows how to win cases? Your vote in the primary election on Aug. 11 is just as important a choice. Make it wisely. Vote Don Couch in South Maui.

Dave DeLeon