Democrats didn’t ‘step up’ regarding Inouye allegations

I challenge Sen. Mazie Hirono to revisit the sexual allegations against the late Sen. Daniel Inouye as she is now doing to President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. She claims to be a strong defender of the #MeToo movement.

Google “Inouye accused of sexual misconduct” and you will find that Sen. Inouye was accused by no less than 10 women of sexual misconduct and rape in 1992, but due to the powerful Democratic Party machine, he was never truly investigated. I see nothing from her or the other three Democratic congressional members from Hawaii ever addressing this accusation. Instead, the Honolulu airport was renamed to honor him.

About a sexual misconduct allegation against Kavanaugh, Sen. Hirono gave this advice to men: When it comes to sexual assault allegations, “shut up and step up.” I guess that includes Obama, Clinton, Cayetano, Ariyoshi, Abercrombie, Schatz and Ige. All men who should step up and call for the investigation of the Inouye allegations.

In a 1992 article, “Do ‘smart keep silent’ on Inouye charges?” most of the women refused to reveal their identity and the one identified said she forgave him. The article stated that Hawaii’s one-party Democratic machine was too powerful for anyone to address this issue.

By the way, not making light of these allegations, but the accusation against Kavanaugh was when he was in high school while Inouye was accused when he was an adult member of Congress.

Edward T. Omine



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