Far-left liberals want to make U.S. socialist

Simply because President Trump wants to stop people from entering our country illegally and to stop terrorists from entering our country, the “progressive movement” has called him a racist. This is totally ridiculous and everyone who has any intellectual honesty will agree with me.

It all boils down to one thing. The hopes of many far-left liberals to make our country a socialist country with the far left in control were dashed when President Trump was elected. You hate him for this reason and anything else you can invent as well.

Our president has called the mainstream media “fake news” for a very good reason; that reason being all their twisted versions of what he is trying to do for our country. They have constantly applied the very worst construction on everything he has said and done in order to make the citizens of this country turn against him.

If you are one who listens constantly to the mainstream media, you have probably already been brainwashed, which is their primary goal. They do not care about you or this country. Wake up, people!

Mike Raines