Federal probe fatigue? No, keep investigating Trump

A recent letter writer asked readers if they are finally tired of the ongoing Department of Justice investigation.

As loud as I can, I’ll shout, “No!” The Bill Clinton investigation began in 1994 with the Whitewater probe. The same investigation was broadened by the DOJ to include the Monica Lewinsky affair in 1998. The Republican Congress relished having Clinton on the defensive, as they bore down. In 1999, the Senate voted “not guilty” on two charges that had nothing to do with the original Whitewater issue. It took five years for a “criminal” investigation and the impeachment process.

Trump has disparaged the United States of America, America’s heroes, and anything else we Americans cherish whenever it comes into his small brain. He has proven himself a liar. During the election campaign, he publicly asked the Russian government to uncover what they could to damage his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The current investigation needs to continue until Robert Mueller (a Republican) issues his report and recommendations. 

I don’t think sex and a lie compare to the damage done by Trump to this country and our allies.

Michael K. Nye

Maui Meadows