First responders in harm’s way to protect community

While the island hurriedly prepared for what could have been one of the worst storms to hit Maui, hundreds of our fellow citizens were preparing to protect and assist us if such a storm did indeed hit — putting their lives on the line as first responders: firefighters, police and scores of others who helped prepare the island for the storm, and who stood by to help if it indeed did strike. They had homes and families as well!

And while the  huge storm did pass, there was still much for them to do what with the rains and the damage caused by the horrific fires — three of them, one of which I myself experienced in Kaanapali. 

It is indeed ironic that I left Kula for the shelter of a friend’s house in Lahaina and got evacuated for five hours beginning at 8:30 the morning of Aug. 24 because of a fast-approaching fire!

Thankfully, nothing serious happened. However, knowing these responders were around to help relieved some of the stress caused by the storm. I am so thankful for their work, skills and commitment, as is the entire community of Maui. Mahalo.

Vinnie Linares