Hurricane aftermath leaves some short of paying rent

My son saw a Facebook message from a friend who wasn’t working because of Hurricane Lane. She wondered how people like her were going to be able to pay their rent when that event comes around at the end of this pay period.

So sad the housing challenges! So many of us here in Maui are in the same situation: having to share our homes with our children or a “roommate” to make ends meet. But, we always say, “Lucky we live Hawaii,” yeah?

So how about a fund for working people of Hawaii who are being financially challenged by Hurricane Lane? They could go online and apply by simply taking a pic of a pay stub from their job. Automatic $1,500 would be a lifesaver to most and it could be like a Venmo thing, like right into that person’s account so they wouldn’t be late or, God forbid, not be able to pay the rent.

Maxine Hazen