Hurricane coverage was way overblown

First and foremost, thanks that nothing really bad happened, other than the fires and lost property due to fire.

However, I just can’t help it that the coverage of hurricane “Lame” was way overblown, to the point it is best described as ridiculous.

While I rate the media and officials with an A-plus in spreading fear and mass hypnosis, I also rate them a F-minus in predicting wind speed, rain, storm surge, wave heights and overall impact.

On Wednesday, Aug. 22, it was already clear that Lane will have almost nothing to zero impact on Maui. The center was 200 miles away and could only weaken. Nevertheless, TV stations, government officials kept on building the hype to the extent of mass hysteria.

Hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees had to shut down and lost work and pay for something that could not have happened. It is kind of ironic that the prediction went from 10 to 30 inches of rain to 21 buildings burning to the ground.

No roof was blown off; no water damage either. There was no dodging of a bullet, not even a pellet or rubber arrow.

When I heard on channel whatever 12 hours after nothing happened the hurricane was no more for 20 hours and they are still talking about the clearly visible rotation, I had to ask myself if it’s me or these guys who are crazy.

I guess it’s the same people who covered the tsunami warning in Hilo some years back, and even if everyone knew that nothing will happen they kept on feeding the nonsense.

When the tsunami finally arrived it was so huge that anything bigger than a rubber ducky couldn’t get a ride, the answer was the same: We dodged a bullet, got lucky and better safe than sorry.

Bernard Weber