Kaniela Ing is a promising politician

After taking the risk of running for U.S. Congress as a Socialist Democrat, meaning he did not take any money from corporate donors so he would not be indebted to anyone except his constituents, Kaniela Ing is leaving his seat in Kihei as a powerful representative of the Hawaiian people. The humongous burden he took off their shoulders. They were now free to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Something so simple as “telling the truth” honoring their own culture our leaders could not find the courage to utter. What a relief to be released from this pretense, that my right to privacy is not being violated.

What is your name? the deli counter woman asked. Deborah, I responded, coming right up. As I walked to a table a gentleman I passed said under his breath everybody knows your name. I know, but if I say that they flee in terror.

Deborah Coleman