No hate for Trump, just a dislike of his policies

No, we do not hate Donald Trump. We deplore his actions and policies. Trump is gutting environmental rules, ignoring climate change (more bad hurricanes and tropical storms, huge forest fires, more pollution from coal industry, record high temperatures in Arizona, 118 degrees in India).

Trump appoints education Cabinet member who does not believe in public schools. Trump wants to build unneeded wall and spend at least $5 billion. Trump policies put children in cages, perhaps separating them forever from parents. Trump sympathizes with neo-Nazis.

Trump lies (7,000 times). Trump wants to spend billions more on unneeded defense upgrades while our infrastructure needs federal support. Trump degrades women, saying he can do anything to them. Trump appoints Supreme Court justice who wants to kill Roe v. Wade law generally supported by most Americans.

Trump wrecks our relationship with Canada, longtime friend, loses respect of allies. Trump does not see need for NATO.

Trump ignores our intelligence community’s advice. Trump doesn’t read, losing valuable information.

Trump praises Putin and Kim Jong Un, who killed his own brother and opponents. Trump appoints many Cabinet members who have no expertise. Trump watches, appears on TV instead of governing.

Trump appoints staff with no political, government experience. Trump insults war hero John McCain. Trump spends millions flying to Florida instead of weekending at nearby Camp David.

Trump serves as poor role model for children. No, we do not hate Donald Trump. We deplore his actions and policies.

And there is much more. Any questions?

Norm Bezane