Perils of gun control obvious in South Africa

Currently in South Africa the government is in the process of confiscating farms from white owners without compensation. They are, in their own words, “Not calling for the killing of white settlers . . . yet.”

These white settlers, the Boers, first arrived in 1652 and established a colony where formerly there were only a few nomadic tribesman. They put down roots and thrived, but over the centuries became outnumbered by immigrant blacks who were drawn there from other parts of Africa. It would seem they have as much if not more right to inhabit the land as anyone. But the black majority rule in place since the early ’90s has become gradually more tyrannical and hostile to whites, who are now in fear for their lives.

I recently read that the African National Congress is calling for the people to turn in their firearms. Where have we heard this before? Think of the Warsaw Ghetto, Cambodia under Pol Pot or the Turkish genocide of the Armenian population in 1915. What is it with political parties that continually call for gun control? Would it be so that people are not able to defend themselves from a tyrannical government? Is it because it is impossible to kill or remove people in large numbers who have the means to shoot back?

Why is the Democratic Party leadership in this country not able to understand this?

Steve Smith