Reagan’s presidency wasn’t helpful for most Americans

It was interesting reading the publisher’s Sept. 9 editorial in The Maui News in which he praised former President Ronald Reagan’s time in office and lamented the passage of what he apparently believes were those better days. They weren’t; at least not for most Americans.

Reagan’s massive tax cut benefited only the wealthy and corporations. His huge increase in military spending ($1.5 trillion over a five-year period) and significant cuts in social programs such as education, food stamps and school lunches for poor children, Medicaid and Aid to Families with Dependent Children triggered the recession in 1982 that pushed unemployment to the highest it had been since the Great Depression; plus bankruptcies, farm foreclosures and a $111 billion deficit, up from $25 billion just four years earlier.

By the end of Reagan’s second term, the deficits would contribute to a tripling of the national debt, to more than $2.5 trillion. His budget cuts to the EPA, Department of Interior, Department of Transportation and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice were irresponsible. His reduced regulations on governing the savings and loan industry resulted in bailouts by the federal government that cost taxpayers about $500 billion.

Oh, and let us not forget the number of indicted criminals, convictions and prison terms in his administration, (deja vu all over again?). No, I don’t want to return to the “good old days” of Reagan. What I want is a Blue Wave sweeping the country on Nov. 6!

Mary Lawrence