Rebuttal of explanation of ‘witch hunts’ offered

An Aug. 28 letter writer asked, “Are you as tired as I am about hearing of a Russian connection?” I couldn’t agree more. After all, our spoiled, vindictive, ignorant, classless juvenile monarch stated repeatedly “there is no collusion,” but then “collusion is not a crime.”

His echoing attack dog, Rudy, confirmed and led the despicable play, Mobster-in-Chief — “Cohen ratted me out;” Freshman Dorm Philosopher — “Truth isn’t truth;” Everybody Does It (MAGA) — “Who among us hasn’t ordered an underling to use funds to pay hush money to obliging objects (women); let he who is without sin cast — besides adultery is good now;” The Perjury Trap — “Mueller wants the president to testify in order to catch him lying because obviously he will lie, what a devious and underhanded man! Mueller I mean.” But is he guilty? Yes, he’ll admit “I did all the crimes! How many times do I have to blurt this out on TV before people believe me? Sad!”

So much hatred since he took office, adds the writer, thanks to the “nonsense” of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS spewing negativity; that’s why the beleaguered innocent speaks of “witch hunt” and “fake news,” something we should have gotten used to by now — and Bill never had sex in the Oval!

Alain Mei