Three-story house erected in Kihei raises questions

I’ve been on Maui for over 60 years and a recent day was the first time I seen a three-story house out in Kihei! How could this be? I know they had pull somewhere (Planning Department?).

Everyone one knows what they’re going to do after the final inspection. Parking will be outside of the property and they’re across the street of a right of way to the beach.

I hope that the planning commission has looked into who approved this to be built. No reason for a three-story home there. The top of the roof is higher than the power line itself. If the inspector didn’t see the mistakes in this home then better get better inspectors. Everyone knows later they will close up the garage and make a dwelling.

I know several people by the beach wanted to go three story but couldn’t! Why can they? Something’s fishy here. Make things right!

Rudy Sumabat