Why did Trump grovel before Putin in Helsinki?

Do you remember the “Stasi,” that is the East German Secret Security Service? Back in the ’80s they were very good on getting dirt on all their citizens and many other folks of interest. Good old Vladimir Putin honed his skill there as Russian KGB agent.

They had a very simple maxim “once you got them by the . . . their hearts and minds will soon follow.” So, when The Donald had his Miss Universe pageant in Russia, and it was known that The Donald had (has) this proclivity of entertaining or being entertained by good-looking ladies, it is not hard to imagine that all and every move made by The Donald wound up documented in some archive.

I keep thinking why is the normally boisterous and bellicose Donald so docile and compliant when it comes to good old Vlad? Why did Trump grovel before Putin in Helsinki?

Hans Becker