American history has been shameful for 200 years

Corruption, hypocrisy, inconsistency, unnecessary or illegal secrecy, criminal activity, influence peddling, money-grubbing, incompetence, disregard of the Constitution, tyrannical legislation in the face of fear, abuse of civil rights, and threats and violence toward minorities have all or in part shaped the legacies of American presidents. And the reputations of lobbyists, business and financial elites and aristocratic wealth.

American history has been shameful for 200 years. Not only in terms of virtue, the Constitution, intelligence and education; but also in terms of our support for dictators. This continent is soaked in blood and devil’s ink. Today’s ruling gang of frustrated and sly generals; greedy corporations; corrupt judges; moronic right-wing radio; kowtowing party members; led by a malignant narcissist, should not shock us.

Administrations reflect the populace. We get what we deserve. Over 100 million eligible voters chose not to vote in the last presidential election. And hundreds of thousands of voters left the presidential space blank.

And so, gangsters, crooks, party bosses and men with personality disorders have run this country. We have now, however, moved into a nightmarish realm where creepy, senile and demented legislators; creatures who reflect our basest instincts; and soulless gargoyles; dim and diminish hope and darken our destiny.

Raphael O’Suna