Checking in advance can help assure quorum

I just read the letter (Sept. 30) regarding attendance at council committee meetings.

First of all, council members are still considered part time, so the “snide remark” about Mike White being at his day job is rather out of order. Riki Hokama has represented Maui County at national meetings for the past few years. His representation is part of his job as a council member.

When I served on county commissions, we were always polled to make sure there was a quorum or the meeting was canceled. I personally chair meetings here on Lanai, and I check in advance to see that I have a quorum. If no quorum is available, then I reschedule the meeting. I don’t understand why so many council committee meetings are held without a quorum. You might think that the meetings are held to try to embarrass those who can’t attend. This statement is no different than saying that members are trying to “sabotage by avoidance.”

Riki Hokama does live on Lanai, but with the constant meetings and activities with the council, he is on Maui often. Mr. Hokama and all of the councilors represent the entire Maui County, and he is very knowledgeable about all of the issues of the county. I respect his knowledge and his understanding of how things affect the whole county, not just a single group. Gabe Johnson is a nice person, but doesn’t have the knowledge and experience that we need to keep Maui County operating responsibly.

Linda Kay Okamoto

Lanai City