Crivello’s leadership ability has had positive outcomes

During her three terms of office as Molokai’s residency area council member, Stacey Helm Crivello has served Maui County well. As chair of the Housing, Human Services and Transportation Committee, she has directed several affordable housing bills that eventually became approved county ordinances. These results enhanced the prospect of more development of much needed affordable housing. I have had the opportunity and reason to participate in this process, and I share my observation of Council Member Crivello’s leadership ability to accomplish these outcomes.

In response to a Civil Beat Candidate Questionnaire (Sept. 28), Council Member Crivello stated that “Molokai’s economic situation is our challenge. One of Molokai’s major employers closed, and we have approximately 80 displaced workers. There are no other suitable paying jobs available. I am supportive of creating entrepreneurship programs as well as training by budgeting funding for an office of economic development (Molokai’s Kuhao Business Center) on Molokai; farming can be a diverse interest if people can receive capital investments to develop farm produce.”

For these and other reasons, I believe that Council Member Crivello needs to continue serving out the next two terms as Molokai’s residency area council member.

Stephen Kealoha