Don’t cut down trees to discourage encampments

I see that a homeless encampment has developed beneath large mango trees on the vacant lot between Vevau and School streets, across from the Kahului library. Recently, to deter the homeless, trees have been cut down around other homeless communities. I realize that the homeless shelter beneath the trees, but surely there is a better solution. Why cut down our beautiful shade trees? Last year, they were camped at Hoaloha Park, and the Hawaiian Canoe Club cut down several big trees to make their land less attractive to the homeless.

There is a coalition trying to house the homeless, and I applaud their efforts, but many homeless are not interested in living indoors. Why can’t the county provide land and services for managing this population in a way they will accept? Whatever the solution, I do not believe trees should be cut down just to make the homeless move on.

Kathleen Kastles