Hirono and other powerful Hawaii women can lead us

All month varying opinions about Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment have been shared. Whatever one may think of Sen. Mazie Hirono’s comments, one of Kavanaugh’s unnerving first votes was to remove the rights of Native Americans on reservations to vote if they lack a street address, thus contradicting previous assurances and precedent that they could. We are lucky to have Mazie standing up to those who show contempt for the rights and needs of anyone they think is in the way of their desires and ambitions, and blessed with competent local people qualified to run for office to defend us from federal attacks against our rights, protections and institutions.

We couldn’t do better than Molokai-born Keani Rawlins-Fernandez. Her impressive life history includes traveling the world to Sweden to see advanced examples of fair governmental structuring and community recycling, and to Puerto Rico witnessing the plight of islands unable to defend themselves against powerful Mainland interests. She was inspired to get degrees in law and business and public relations so she could better serve the community.

She has worked on marine management in Kahana and child abuse prevention. She led the effort to successfully pass first state pesticide regulation law, which to me is important protection from chemical abuse for our keiki and the aina. If someone of this caliber chooses to offer her talents and experience to tackle the challenges of local government, I am excited to vote to give her the chance make the changes we sorely need here.

Sheryl Roberts