Inherent double standard for a woman’s behavior

I want to stand up for our Sen. Mazie Hirono. When she told men to shut up and do the right thing, I’m pretty sure she was referring to the 11 white Republican men on the Judiciary Committee. It must have been difficult for her to sit there and listen to them sing the praises of the Supreme Court nominee who was a proven liar and possibly a sexual assaulter, and certainly an alcohol abuser.

That she raised her voice is unacceptable for a woman. Men can shout and tell a woman to shut up. Trump does it almost daily. There is an inherent double standard in how women are supposed to behave. If they step into the “spotlight,” they are negative and bitter.

The polarization of our nation has been going on for a long time, but our current president has capitalized on it. He is creating a divide so deep we may never climb out.

I am grateful to Mazie Hirono for speaking out for women and issues that are important to women.

Sue Lipp