Keep Hawaii Hawaii; vote no on ‘Con-Con’

When I started my campaign for State House, the long list of questionnaires started rolling in addressing so many subjects of import statewide. I spent a lot of time getting smart on issues I hadn’t considered previously. The idea of a constitutional convention, for one, sounded like a great idea. What an opportunity to improve our founding document that only comes up once every 10 years. My naivete however was fleeting. Yes, I was enthusiastic about the chance to improve our governing document. But a mentor set me straight. I now believe the risk is indeed too great to open up our state constitution to the dismantlement of existing freedoms and protections. As we watch, on the national level, the EPA’s hobbling and green lights given to polluters to dump into waterways, we must exercise caution and be smart about protecting what we have.

We have one of the best state constitutions of them all. What if all the bad actors get their grubby hands on it and suddenly we no longer have environmental protections such as the right to clean air and clean water and a constitutional right to shoreline access? The risk is too great. Keep Hawaii Hawaii. Vote “no” on the Con-Con. (Don’t confuse the question about the Constitutional Convention with the proposed constitutional amendment also on the ballot to fund teacher pay.)

Tina Wildberger

Representative Elect

State House District 11


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