Proud to be represented by Hirono in the U.S. Senate

I wasn’t born, nor did I go to school, on Maui. However there are many, many things about Maui that make me proud to be a resident of this marvelous community, not the least of which is the way our congressional representatives portray the Hawaiian sensibilities of kindness, practicality and humanity to the rest of our troubled country.

So I was both shaken and saddened by the three letters to the editor I saw in the Sept. 26 opinion page, one attacking Sen. Hirono indirectly and two calling her out by name. One letter referred to the senator as “man-hating” and another as “despicable.” Both charges are unfounded and unwarranted.

I think the fact that Sen. Hirono has been elected by large majorities refutes both of these charges, but a more direct repudiation of these scurrilous characterizations is the way Sen. Hirono has conducted herself in representing me and my fellow Maui residents with intelligence and dignity.

I, for one, am proud to be represented by Sen. Hirono in the U.S. Senate, for she has embodied my ideal of a U.S. senator and a person of Hawaii. I wish her both good health and a long tenure representing Hawaii in the U.S. Senate.

Chuck Hardy