Seaweed not the solution to global climate change

So a Massachusetts company wants to feed cows seaweed to cut climate change-causing methane greenhouse gas emissions. There are a few problems here:

(1) A James Cook University study six years ago found that “the main methane mitigation effects came from the chemical bromoform that is produced in the cows stomach when eating seaweed.” Bromoform has previously been shown to deplete the ozone layer, thus swapping one environmental problem for another.

(2) Animal agriculture has also been shown to not only be the primary cause of greenhouse gasses, but also a main contributor to most other global environmental problems, including being the largest consumer of fresh water, deforestation, excessive energy use, water, air and ocean pollution, and the destruction of wetlands and wildlife habitats.

(3) Just changing the diet of farmed animals will not change the fact that consuming animals and their fluids is the leading cause of most premature and preventable human death, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, many cancers, as well as kidney and brain diseases.

(4) Changing the diet of dairy cows and beef cattle will not do anything to change the cruelty and ultimate slaughter these animals face. So forget the seaweed and just stop eating animals for their sake, your health and for the environment.

Stephen Beidner