Support for letters denouncing Sen. Hirono

“Right on!” I exclaimed in reading three letters in The Maui News Sept. 26 in response to Sen. Mazie Hirono’s despicable comments and how “due process” is being denied to Judge Kavanaugh. I would like to add my comments:

We all feel compassion for victims of sexual harassment & sexual misconduct & also that perpetrators should be prosecuted. However, in the case of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the accusation by Dr. Blasey Ford, the sexual charges are being used to destroy a decent man.

Sen Hirono, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and all the senators and supporters who say they believe the accuser simply because she says Kavanaugh is the attacker, really don’t give a damn about Dr. Ford nor do they care about Judge Kavanugh’s wife and two daughters.

They really want to destroy Kavanaugh, whom they think is evil and get to Trump, who they also think is evil; therefore “the end justifies the means.” They should truly examine their hearts; who is really evil?

Marlene Singlehurst