Two of the 10 principles for living a satisfying life

Do you want to live healthily to age 120?

Do you already live by the first two success principles listed below? Honest Ori wrote and published an award-winning book in 1996 on the 10 psychobiological principles for living a satisfying life to age 120.

M.D.s understand how significantly a person’s psychology affects their biology. You can easily and practically follow these principles, which will encourage your holistic health.

Success principle No. 1 is called flow. Make yourself as happy, present and challenged as you can.

Engage in the present moment for all it’s worth instead of worrying about the future or replaying the past. Do what makes you happy and challenged whenever possible. Make plans for your bright but realistic future. Can you live your life as if you are playing your favorite sport?

Success principle No. 2 is called wholeness. Constantly discover more about how you fit into Maui and the global community through increasing your awareness and lifelong learning.

Integrate your body, mind and spirit for increasing serenity and satisfaction. Then learn how to become one with everything around you.

Would you like it if we had a TV channel called “GNN,” or Good News Network, for all the many good things that happen? In many ways Maui is already no ka oi. But if we all live by these 10 principles we can create Mauitopia, the first sizable, ideal society (see

I will reveal the next eight principles in future letters.

Ori Kopelman