Vacation rentals a nuisance in residential neighborhoods

Recently a Viewpoint writer complained about the cost, the number of forms to be completed, the number of units allowed and the need to pay taxes and follow the law in order to obtain a permit to rent a motel room, aka vacation rental, in a residential neighborhood.

He believes the $4,400 cost is too high. At $200 a night it would take 22 days’ rental receipt to recoup this expense. The writer believes the county has erected significant barriers to obtain a permit to operate a commercial rental property. I hope it becomes more difficult.

There is no difference between a permitted and unpermitted rental operation. They are both nuisances. Forcing your neighbors to endure noise, litter, rudeness so you profit is not pono.

The two other complaints about having to pay taxes on profits and following the zoning laws are about things required of all citizens.

Get used to it. Stop destroying our neighborhoods. Return the rentals to the former use as long-term rentals for local families. Do this and you will sleep better. Mahalo.

John Patrick Murphy