Animal ag is poisoning our water and produce

Your Nov. 22 article “Romaine Calm: Lettuce warning looms over Thanksgiving dinner” tells us that the food poisoning across the country from romaine lettuce is linked to E. coli from cow feces migrating into irrigation water. The article points out that tainted water from cows has also been linked to a previous E. coli outbreak effecting romaine earlier this year.

So with A&B’s so called “diversified agriculture” being primarily cattle, can we now expect our water to be poisoned, affecting our vegetable crops, our drinking water and our reefs? This is in addition to fouling the air and creating more greenhouse gasses than all forms of transportation combined.

Meat, dairy and eggs are the leading culprit in the top causes of premature death in the U.S. This same animal agriculture is also, it seems, poisoning the water and produce we consume. The bottom line is: We need to stop raising animals for food — for our health, the health of the planet and for the animals themselves.

Stephen Beidner