Hawaiians devised a water plan for Maui

Hey here’s a great idea about the Maui water plan for the next 20 years: How about giving the water rights back to the Hawaiians as part of their sovereignty that they so much deserve? How can something that is given freely and sacred to the Hawaiians, who had the best successful projected plan with the ahupua’a system, a self-sustaining wedged parcel of land from the mountain to the sea. In matter of fact, the diagrammed picture presented in the newspaper (Nov. 26) really looks like a rip-off what the Hawaiians had already developed centuries ago.

Now to come back to what really works as describing the six aquifer sectors as the next successful plan that was already created before the haoles Alexander & Baldwin stole and created a cultural bomb with their capitalistic and idealistic motives of militarism and tourism that now has devastated and endangered the Hawaiian people, native species and cultural sites!

In the event of an end to a 17-year dispute in favor of the Na Moku Aupuni O Ko’olau Hui, who advocated for stream restoration, is a move in the right direction, but the complete follow-through shall be the result of what the Hawaiians once trusted with their so-called allies back in 1893, when the hostile takeover of the monarch commenced and which is the result of a lot of empty promises and bogus treaties.

It is time for the desecration of the Hawaiian culture to be stopped and restored!

Jimmy James Thennes