Build infrastructure along with development; don’t wait

Development concurrent with infrastructure has long been the island’s unfulfilled mantra, and 2019 is the time to begin fulfillment in South Maui. For the Kihei Community Association ( that step is the north segment of the north-south collector road, running from Uwapo Road to the South Maui Community Park.

We see development rising: needed schools and truly affordable rentals filling in spaces all north of Lipoa, and while any need is debated, the resurrecting of the old Maui Lu as the new Maui Bay Vista timeshare, all being built. Also rising up is the sea level.

Infrastructure? Can we take some of this revenue generated from the fee on rental cars on Maui, source of the most statewide rental vehicles, and finally get at least this northern length constructed?

Yes, we are well aware that there are great infrastructure needs on other areas of Maui, mostly for that reason, development without concurrent infrastructure.

You know that definition of insanity, so if we want a better outcome, do things differently. Don’t await all this completed development combined with the coastal erosion, sea level rise and whatever Mother Nature throws at the south coast coming to a crescendo.

Looking to 2022 to build another segment of a road to nowhere won’t do it. Start planning out connecting south from Kaonoulu to Kulanihakoi as the Kenolio Apartments are building those apartments, so their entrance road along that corridor widens to a standard road with parallel greenway. They are coming; build it now!

Mike Moran, President

Kihei Community Association