‘Capt. Ahab’ and the ‘Great White Wall’

Shutting down the government was a brilliant idea. The obsession of the “Great White Wall” is brilliant — so brilliant it baffles those who are not ones who follow the POTUS. To keep Americans in.

Democrats who work in federal government have been laid off, but so have Republicans. Less people working and less people paying taxes. More burden to those who do not work in federal jobs. Brilliant strategy. Less money to pay for an obsession by “Capt. Ahab.” Call me Ishmael, I alone will survive.

The white wall has sunken the ship America. There will be a mutiny against “Capt. Bligh.” Another raising Cain. Mutiny against “Capt. Queeg.”

Time for damage control to keep America floating but the shipyards are closed and no one to fix a sinking ship. Brilliant.

Michael Matoi