Council needs to take up issue of clerks’ raises

I have never learned more about the political process than I have working on the County of Maui Clerical Repricing Committee for the past five years. Our committee had to reroute more than a handful of times to get the required paperwork and signatures for County of Maui BU-03 and BU-04 raises, which are about to become a reality.

A supplemental agreement put forth by Mayor Alan Arakawa, signed by HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira, has been submitted to the Maui County Council for consideration. This was recently accompanied by a budget amendment proving to the council that there is money in our coffers to afford this raise, which will include pool lifeguards, clerks, secretaries and all types of county inspectors. Yet, here we are waiting to be placed on an agenda by Council Chair Mike White.

Make no mistake, this raise will positively affect the lives of all County of Maui Unit 03 and 04 employees who currently make less than janitors and groundskeepers.

It is not too late for Chair White to assign this life-changing budget amendment to the Dec. 7 council agenda. From there, I urge Council Member Riki Hokama to assign it to the next Budget and Finance Committee agenda on Dec. 18. We have all we need to make this a reality, all that is left is the support of the Maui County Council. Without your help this important item will not be heard. Mahalo.

Connie Gouveia