Creating utopian society called Mauitopia will be challenging

Do you remember floppy or flexible disks which were used to store information? (On Microsoft Word it is the icon which saves your document located near the top left of the screen.) They could hold up to a whopping 2 megabytes of data. As vice president of engineering of a Silicon Valley company, I was the project manager for a testing system which certified floppy disks.

Our customer, Kodak, was installing three manufacturing lines in North Carolina and Ireland. As a final step the disks had to get tested and the bad ones discarded. The team named the project Galaxy as it would deliver out-of-this-world performance.

We partnered with an automation company in Illinois. It took one minute to test each disk. The line had to test one disk per second, so we provided 60 certifiers, or testers, per line. We got paid $1 million per system.

Making it work was challenging and involved numerous engineers. As a gift I received a floppy disk from the customer which had printed on its outside my hope for the team’s success. I would fly from California to visit the system’s progress and declared: “It better run.”

Creating the first, large-scale utopian society called Mauitopia (see will be challenging.

As the G20 meets and we have entered the holiday season, we can all dream of peace on Earth and creating Mauitopia. I hope to become the mayor and make Mauitopia happen. A true paradise!

Ori Kopelman