Crosswalks needed on Keawe Street

Since the opening of the bypass from Olowalu to Keawe Street, the amount of cars flowing through Keawe Street has been very high. However, this is a common area for pedestrians to walk to and from the Lahaina Gateway center so it has become dangerous for them to cross the street.

Currently, there are two crosswalks on that street: one by Minit Stop, the other by the Honoapiilani Highway traffic light. I feel that these two crosswalks are too far apart, and there needs to be a crosswalk with flashing lights added between the two.

A crosswalk between the Lahaina Gateway and Walgreens, or between Foodland Farms and the Ho’onanea homes, would be perfect. More frequently than before, I would see someone waiting at these areas to cross or trying to cut in between lanes to get through. In January of this year there was been a pedestrian accident on Keawe Street, which happened before the opening of the bypass, so it has already been unsafe beforehand. This issue should be fixed before anything worse happens, because it has been talked about in The Maui News but no action has been taken.

Iwalouise Bryan