Go Maui Inc. supports Mahi Pono farm plan

Go Maui Inc. supports the partnership announced between A&B and Mahi Pono, a farming venture between Pomona Farming LLC, a California-based agricultural group, and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers.

The Mahi Pono farm plan currently envisions a broad range of food crops for local consumption and export, including coffee, various fruit and vegetable crops and an expansion of A&B’s grass-fed cattle project at Kulolio Ranch, which Mahi Pono purchased as part of their transaction.

As the details of the agreement are becoming available, it is clear that this broad effort has the ability to be a diversified agricultural model and meet Maui’s important goals of food and energy self-sufficiency.

Go Maui Inc. is also pleased that all of Maui’s A&B’s existing agricultural personnel will be offered positions at Mahi Pono.

Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez

Executive Consultant

Go Maui Inc.