Hoping investigation results in Trump being impeached

A Dec. 14 letter by a gentleman from Kihei claims, “There was and is no collusion, case closed, special counsel done,” regarding Russian influence on the latest presidential election.

Ironically, there was an article in the same issue about a Maria Butina who pleaded “guilty” to charges to a conspiracy charge as part of a deal with prosecutors, admitting to be a Russian agent to help Russia elect Trump.

How blind can you be? Mr. Trump lies every time he tweets or opens his mouth. He has not done anything in terms of governing this country. For over two years all we hear and see are porn stars, other affairs, constant change of positions in the White House and keeping company with felons.

Today he says “white,” tomorrow “black,” although his prior statements are on tape. He appeals to people who are for racism, violence, owning 20 assault rifles (why would a civilian need more than one handgun to defend himself?), etc. I hope — and there has to be something — that they will find that “something” and Mr. Trump is impeached.

That he is morally bankrupt goes without saying. Compared to him, Bill Clinton was a choirboy.

And we also need to fix our voting system. One person equals one vote. An Electoral College is outdated and just invites gerrymandering, rezoning and all kind of shady activities before an election. The president has to have the majority of the popular vote. Period.

John Blahuta