Lincoln’s time can’t be compared to Trump’s

After reading the Nov. 25 Letters section, I must take exception to two of the views.

One is the reader comparing Trump and Lincoln. Those were very different times. A case in point is the second letter where the reader blames the GOP for Trump’s behavior. May I ask where are the Democrats stopping the other Democrats from mouthing their vitriol?

In Lincoln’s times, politicians were gentlemen who would never think to accuse their opponent’s supporters of being stupid and deplorable. Let’s remember that words like racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic — any number of terms used to describe Trump supporters — did not even exist. They also performed their public service and then returned to their farms, their stores, etc. Public service was never meant to be a lifetime career on the backs of the taxpayers.

If you truly want to compare times, let’s just take a quick look at medical procedures in Lincoln’s time versus the present. You were far luckier to die quickly on the battlefield than to linger in a “medical hospital” (aka tent) for however long your death took, being operated on and having limbs amputated without anesthesia.

Also, women were not allowed to vote. There was no “gun control,” as all anyone had were rudimentary muskets and rifles, no automatic assault weapons. There were fewer and far removed people during that time also.

Yes, Lincoln’s time was a very simpler time, but was it a better time?

Joan Sherry