Linda Lingle is urged to re-enter Hawaii politics

Seeing the experienced former Gov. Linda Lingle on the cover of The Maui News Dec. 17 sent my endorphin levels through the roof. How I long to see her govern again in Honolulu or Washington, D.C.

I was critical of Lingle at times when she was mayor of Maui County, but my admiration grew to embrace her first as a two-term governor who actually cared about changing public education in Hawaii, and eventually as John McCain’s possible vice presidential running mate in 2008. Regrettably, Alaska Gov. Sara Palin (the self-described “Hockey Mom”) was chosen instead.

She should be one of our U.S. senators. I wish she could run for governor again. In 2002, she was elected the first Republican governor since 1962 and the first female governor ever. She is smart as a whip and very friendly. I would love to see her back in Hawaii politics.

Mark Kanae Smith