Nano Membrane Toilet could solve our cesspool problem

Cranfield University in the U.K. states that the Nano Membrane Toilet “converts human waste to water and ash.” “Urine will pass through the membrane chambers and pure water will pass out of the hollow membrane fibers. . . . Pathogen-free water will be stored (in the reservoir) for either use around the home or easy disposal by the owner.” It requires no outside energy or water and actually produces enough electricity to charge cellphones or power a small appliance.

A unit such as this would solve our cesspool problem at a fraction of the cost. It costs $700-$1,000 compared to a replacement septic system costing $50,000-plus on Maui. The $20,000 figure you may have seen quoted, according to state Sen. J. Kalani English, was only for Oahu.

Go online for more information at the Cranfield University website.

Dennis Lokmer