Ongoing Kihei construction puts pressure on residents

Until someone listens or gives some answers, I think this needs repeating. The building of the Maui Bay Vista (Maui Lu) is underway, but what is being done about the infrastructure — the constant flooding and the traffic that this property will bring to Kaonoulu Street and South Kihei Road? There has also been talk of putting in a stoplight at the corner of Kaonoulu and South Kihei Road, maybe a roundabout, or three-way stop. It was argued that a stoplight at this corner would not be in the “spirit” of this part of Kihei — but a 433-room monstrosity with three pools and a beach bar fits right in!

This is basically a residential area. Also, recently there was some surveying work done and the folks at the south end of Southpointe have been notified that they will lose 4 to 5 feet of their backyards. Not sure when the survey of this went wrong, but I feel sorry for those folks. And now there is a seven-year build extension.

This area has the Maui Bay Vista, Kenolia Apartments and the new high school all being constructed in a small residential area. The road quality, traffic flow, flooding, walking access all need to be addressed — and can we do it before all this construction is done so we don’t see another snafu like the one that occurred with the opening of the charter school on Lipoa? That intersection is a mess.

Let’s figure it out Maui — our residents deserve better.

Jan Culbertson