Say no to U.S. Navy war practice in Maui County

Say no to U.S. Navy practice for war — above, on and below our splendid Maui County waters, off shore, near shore and on land! We live in a very special place of Hawaiian aloha and beauty.

The Navy in its practice for war has a history in Maui County. The Navy used Kahoolawe, an island sacred to Hawaiians, for target practice from 1941 to 1990 despite decades of protests. With its current plan, the Navy will actually be shooting near- and on-shore Maui County islands!

A Navy projected target site on Maui looks close to the Kihei Canoe Club, Maui Canoe Club, the Pinks, the Kihei Youth Center, many homes, townhouses, vacation condos, and the longest uninterrupted white sand beach in our state. Also nearby are Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge and the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary (the only U.S. sanctuary dedicated to the protection of humpback whales and their marine environment); the critically endangered hawksbill turtles nest along these beaches.

The Navy can do good work, but practicing for peace by protecting the environment and helping those in the world who need help are much better skills to hone and will get positive results rather than practicing war by targeting Maui County waters and land.

To review the four-volume draft of the Navy’s many proposed actions, go to the public library in Kahului or Kaunakakai.

Please say no. By Jan. 7, email your comments to the Navy:

Renee Riley