Seeking a balance between socialism and capitalism

Few will deny capitalism breeds greed. This is apparent in the latest moves by “Generous Motors,” a key player in the U.S. economy, to close four North American automotive plants and leave nearly 15,000 people without jobs. The elite and/or financially well off dare not take a loss in profits by closing outsourced plants in foreign countries, God forbid.

Anyone familiar with the New Testament of the Holy Bible will reflect on our Lord’s profound statement:

“Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Seemingly, a happy medium, as yet to be uncovered, between socialism and capitalism could evolve.

During a stroll down Front Street in Lahaina one day, an idea come to mind and I randomly approached various managers and employees and asked them a simple question:

“Would you be willing to forfeit 10 percent of your income if it meant the end of world starvation?”

Interestingly, no one said “no.”

Food for thought.

Jeffrey Blagus