Special warfare command proposal should be opposed

Whoa! We have only until Jan. 7 to respond to/protest against the Naval Special Warfare Command proposal to conduct land and ocean special naval training activities offshore and on land in Maui, Molokai and Lanai (The Maui News, Dec. 8)?

According to the Navy draft assessment at go.usagov/xUnDC, the training will include sonar, active explosives, undersea warfare, missile-to-surface to air, air-to-air missiles, to name a few. (See draft at Kahului Library and online.)

According to the large draft, there was a public meeting held for comments on Nov. 7 at Maui High School. But when contacted about that public meeting, the office at Maui High did not have it as having been on the calendar and surmised that the military probably just came in at lunchtime or during the day and talked to some students.

Maui is an island of healing and peace and voted many times best beaches. We don’t need this land-, sea- and air-based military training on Maui. We need to strengthen aloha and end our addiction to war.

Melinda Clarke