Supreme Court win not being addressed properly and legally

A Nov. 29 writer suggests “giving back” the water rights to Hawaiians as a solution to our islands’ water woes. I have a better suggestion: Let’s abide by the U.S. Supreme Court victory by Ed Kaiwi & Eric Kanakaole vs. United States and return the water rights and mineral rights won in court, pay the itemized water bill which in turn allows the financing of, dare I say it, self-governance!

It is the criminal refusal to accept the Supreme Court victory and pay up accordingly that is keeping Hawaiians from independence, and the U.S. “gutterment” at the local level knows this. Maybe U.S. Supreme Court victories only apply to white people? If not, some sort of explanation is due as to why this court win is not being addressed properly and legally. I would be happy to hear Alan Arakawa or Neil Ambercrombie explain their disregard for U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

In any event, $17 trillion in debt is not a rich country and with any luck the scumbag Americans will collapse in bankruptcy soon. Let’s hope most of the “patriotic” idiots make it to the airport before handover commences. I love seeing my sovereign two-paddle flag and wanna puke when I see that Stars and Stripes knowing what it really stands for.

Donald “Federal Reserve” Brown