An insane way of protecting the public

Recently, Raymond Birano Jr. was arrested at Queen Ka’ahumanu Center after assaulting a female patron and dragging her into the men’ s washroom. The suspect was armed with a knife and he was intent on sexually assaulting the victim. Fortunately, the victim was able to escape her assailant. Birano was subsequently arrested. However, after committing this heinous crime he was released from police custody. (Birano was arrested again on Jan. 8 and remains jailed.)

The police were undoubtedly aware of this predator’s criminal profile, but they elected to release him. This is an insane way of protecting the public. But this is the standard operating procedure of the Police Department when dealing with these high-profile cases. It is hopeful that with the new Police Commission members these insane practices of catch and release, and sometimes prosecute, will be corrected.

Abelardo Corella