Breakup result of church’s intolerance of homosexuals

I have been watching half with fear and with some loathing the breakup of the local Boy Scouts Council motivated by the malevolent consciousness of the Church of the Later-day Saints. Would this newspaper stay silent if the motivation for breaking with the National Boy Scouts was overt racism instead of homophobia? I think not.

But, for some reason it is all right to ignore the open religious intolerance of the Latter-day Saints toward homosexuals. They have had a national campaign for years to oppose the rights of homosexuals in every instance they can — paid for by their member’s tithes.

Based upon the 5,000-year-old constraint of Leviticus designed to increase the marginal number of small Jewish tribes running around a hostile desert environment, they ignore all modern scientific reality. The reality that approximately 7 percent of the human species is gay; the reality that almost 2,000 species have been identified with homosexual members, including lions. The reality that half of the cultures of the world bear gays with no animus, including the American Indians, who recognized some five gender identities.

The Saints cannot escape the fact that some 7 percent of the young people will be gay no matter where they hide them. What message are they sending to these beautiful and fragile young beings? And, what would Jesus think — this veritable cyclone of love? Shame on the parents that permit this to happen and shame on this newspaper for ignoring this evil.

Susan McGreivy