Communicate with each other in a skillful manner

These days we are all texting and emailing. Some studies say on average we send 23 text messages per day. Teenagers send perhaps even more. Below I list some best practices:

1. Filter out spam messages.

2. Write and rewrite messages.

3. Allow 20 minutes after composing before pressing send. You might want to wait 24 hours to edit contentious communication.

4. Accept all messages 24×7. Counting on someone in Timbuktu to calculate what time it is in your time zone doesn’t seem smart. Most of us make sure messages don’t wake us up while we are sleeping.

I want to create the first, large-scale utopian society called Mauitopia (see It will consist of all of Maui, communicating with each other and the world in a skillful manner.

Ori Kopelman