Corrections to writer’s list of evils of Trump

I love the Jan. 8 letter writer’s list of the evils of Trump without any citing to back it up so I’ll correct him on some. Trashes our allies? By making them pay for military protection? In turn lining the coffers of the U.S. Treasury? Europe loves him, just ask the French yellow jackets.

Did he trash our military and intelligence services when no WMDs were found? (Actually, there were but can tell you that.) Trump is sensible enough to call out our intelligence services when it might actually lead to a crisis or conflict. I’d rather avoid more war.

Let me explain taxes: the less you tax corporations, the more jobs are created, common sense. Please show me where the poor have been mistreated, from what I hear there are many jobs now (“Strong Hiring and Fed Reassurance on Rates,” December, N.Y. Times).

He calls political opponents names like an elementary student but not “mother – – – – – -“ like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (oh, and she’s a real racist, anti-Semite, but shhh!).

So, what would Jesus do? Well, Jesus would certainly applaud the president’s religious freedom executive order that reinforced the First Amendment (Politico). Jesus would also applaud the right to try a bill that helps terminally ill patients (CBS News).

Now, the letters writer says the orange man is bad, but I think if he does his research then it’ll cure him from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Oh, and Obama paid Jeremiah Wright $150k in hush money, had over $375k of fines for failing to disclose $2 million in campaign contributions (Politico).

Stephen Phillips